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High-quality Food, Sustainably Grown. Nutrient-Dense.

At Agape Organic farms we believe good food doesn’t happen by accident. Our passion is to raise happy, healthy animals in a humane way and provide tasty and nutrient-dense and wholesome mushrooms.

We breed only the finest quality Berkshire Pork and grow our mushrooms from culture to fruit so we can guarantee our products are of the highest quality. We are committed to sustainable farming practices and we are a certified organic farm. That means raising and growing healthy food while protecting the environment and human health.

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Shara LaFave

Shara is one of only two Black organic farmers in the state of Michigan, and owns one of only nine black-owned farms. 

She runs Agape Farm with her two children, Philomena and Dominic, and a large team of volunteers and foodie enthusiasts. The Farm produces food for Michigan restaurants, markets, and food lovers. 


“Grow quality food while being good stewards of the land and our animals.”

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