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Berkshire pork is highly sought after for its juiciness, flavor, and tenderness. Sustainable pork should always be pink-hued and heavily marbled. Top chefs refer to it as the “Kobe beef”of pork because it has a very specific taste and is not generic and bland like regular pork. 

The meat is rich in high-fat content which makes it very suitable for long cooking and high-temperature cooking. 

We raise our purebred Berkshire pigs outdoors in large paddocks from farrow to finish in a sustainable rotating grazing system that is ideal for the pigs and great for the environment.

In addition, our pigs are fed a sustainable diet that includes organic apple cider vinegar, and lots of fruits and vegetables. 

Many people with food allergies and sensitivities can eat our pork because of the way they are raised and what they are (and are not) fed. We truly stand by our “No Bad Stuff Ever” pledge. 

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Our Mushrooms

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You can enjoy over 28 varieties of gourmet mushrooms in season from Agape Farms. Our mushrooms are grown in a greenhouse system for optimum Vitamin D absorption. 

Our farm grows Saprotrophic mushrooms.  This means they are wood decaying mushrooms, and we only grow them on organic substrates including organic soybean hulls, organic oat bran, and hardwood sawdust. 

We have rotating varieties depending on the time of year and inventory. We also sell foraged mushrooms and forest products when available.

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Delivery is from 3-7 on Saturdays. We recommend leaving a cooler on your porch for us put your share or order into.

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We will leave your share or order on your porch. We are more than happy to put it in a cooler for you.  We deliver within a 25-mile radius of the farm.

Thank you so much for your support and orders.  Every customer matters, and we promise No Bad Stuff Ever for our family and yours. 

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